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Comments from some of our many Satisfied Customers

A Math Parser Customer:

I chose Bestcode's MathParser based on its price and royalty-free distribution policy. I utilized it to upgrade the functionality of our existing software. With built-in support for 25+ mathematical functions the MathParser significantly enhanced the functionality of our software. Due to the math parser's object-oriented design, integration with our software took less than a day as opposed to weeks of effort to develop and test in-house code with similar functionality. Using the math parser allowed us to concentrate on our project goals rather than on equation grammar.

Technical support was exceptional. Reported bugs were corrected and new versions of the software were delivered in one day or less. In addition I received accurate technical advice on how to best utilize the MathParser under my circumstances.

Considering all aspects of price, performance and support Bestcode's MathParser is an outstanding value.

Joel S. Young
Nittany Scientific, Inc. (http://www.Nittany-Scientific.com )
Senior Project Engineer

Bestcode ComponentsAnother Math Parser Customer:

Frankly speaking, we are very satisfied with your product, it is well-designed, very robust and easy to maintain. It is very luck to us that we found your Parser in the website. It is very helpful.

Weiwen Xia



A TbcISAPIFilter Customer:

The code greatly helped me get up to speed on ISAPI filters. Thanks alot, it is very good work.

Francois-Jean De Brienne
SNC Lavalin (www.snclavalin.com )

Again a TbcISAPIFilter Customer:

Thank you for the detailed explanation, it has really helped me. I built a small sample program and it appears to be working. Your e-mail enabled me to find my programming errors, and get a test filter up and running.

Thank you again,

A TbcTrialVersion Customer:

I ordered a component from your web site the other day and was very impressed with how easy the ordering process was.

Scott Myers
The Enterprise LogView Company


An enchanted user who loved the free JpegSize tool:

Lo.  I just downloaded your Jpeg resizer and wanted to drop you a line to say “I love you”.  Seriously.  Words cannot express how much time you saved me.

Mark Slade

Here is another one about the JpegSize tool:

This is a great utility !!! I used -ratio 100 and I still get unbelievable compression without any visible loss of quality !!! How do you do this?

Mike Lamusse

JpegSize being praised again:

Thanks a lot for jpegsize! It's so pleasing to start looking for a product, and the first one I try works exactly as if I'd spec'd it!

Cormac Purtill

Here is another bcParser.NET Mathematical Expression Parser Component Customer:

This is a wonderful product! The code is well written and very extensible. You have saved me a ton of work. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a well engineered solution to parsing mathematical formulas. THANK YOU!!!

Michael Boren -Software Engineer- Beck Group - www.beckgroup.com

JbcParser Java Math Parser back at school:

Dude, my professor is impressed.

A cheating student

Replace.exe rocks again:

Thanks for sharing your replace.exe utility! It's magnificent and straight to the point, without a plethora of useless options obscuring the primary purpose. My only suggestion is you get this vital utility included in the next Windows release!

Ben Gray

Ok Ok. This one is just to put a smile on your face.