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Math Parser for Objective C, iOS and OSX
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MathParser class for iOS and OSX.

This is the documentation for the MathParser class that is implemented in Objective C to target iOS and OSX platforms.

MathParser provides capability to parse and evaluate formulas given as strings at runtime.

MathParser expressions can contain variables and functions. A typical use case in a few lines of Objective C code is as follows:

   MathParser *parser = [[MathParser alloc] init];
   parser.expression = @"x+y/5-sin(x-1)"; // will be converted to uppercase before parsing.
   [parser setVariable:@"X" withNewValue: 5];
   [parser setVariable:@"Y" withNewValue: 10];
   double result = parser.value; // expression will be parsed and evaluated.

MathParser::expression property documentation contains the list of predefined functions you can use.

MathParser supports user defined functions. You can implement your own functions and plug them into a parser instance by implementing the Function protocol.

User defined variable values can be assigned via setVariable:withNewValue: (MathParser) method.

If the problem domain is too big to set all possible variables ahead of time, you may set the MathParser::variableDelegate property to an implementation of VariableDelegate protocol.

MathParser uses Foundation framework.

You may find more information at http://www.mathparsers.com